The Canadian

I’m currently sitting aboard Via Rail’s The Canadian, waiting for the train to depart from Toronto’s Union Station. I’m on my way to a company-wide Mozilla event in Whistler.

This isn’t the first time I’ve travelled on Via Rail, but this is the first time I’ll be travelling all the way to Vancouver.

I’m thinking I might live blog it.

Update: Vaughan

The train is currently stationary, and I figure we’re probably in Vaughan, north of Toronto. We passed a sign saying “Parc Downsview Park” about 10 minutes ago, so that must mean we’re on Metrolinx’s Barrie Line (formerly the CNR Newmarket Sub).

According to Wikipedia, this is the oldest trackage in Ontario, dating back to 1835. This track was laid by the Northern Railway of Canada, which was acquired by Grand Trunk Railway in 1888, which was in turn absorbed into CNR in 1923. CNR sold this trackage to Metrolinx in 2009.

I guess we’re waiting for a freight train to pass. (They said that would happen a bit.)

Oh, we’re moving again.

Update: Richmond Hill

We just passed Richmond Hill Centre. I recognize it from the giant Cineplex.

I remember when there was a proposal to build a casino here. But that didn’t happen.

Occasionally you hear people complain that Richmond Hill (and nearby Markham) is too dominated by Chinese people. That’s obviously bullshit. If this place was dominated by Chinese people, there would have been a casino here years ago.

Update: ???

I have no idea where I am. It is completely dark outside and I can’t see a thing.

Update: Musical interlude

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